Measures for stabilizing secondary schools and enhancing quality education

Action Group of Secondary Schools of HKPTU

630p1a_pic02‧ Why there was no review on the teaching establishment, despite the increasing workload arising from the education reforms?
‧ Why do our contract-based colleagues, despite their great performance, have to leave, while other serving teachers still need to take charge of many teaching sessions and heavy workload?
‧ Why can’t our students enjoy better education and be offered more personalized care from our teachers?

Due to the fact that the Authority has not reviewed the teaching establishment and increased the number of permanent teaching posts for many years, teachers could only squeeze their own limited resources to handle the tasks arising from the education reforms, which led to their burn-out condition. This progressively aggravating situation in the education field cannot be ameliorated only by the teachers who have even been making their best efforts to do their job.

128 school heads say yes to the reduction of allocation size

In this connection, we urge the Authority to enhance the measure of reducing the allocation size of each S1 class so as to stabilize the sector of secondary schools. Ip Kin-yuen, our representative in the Legislative Council, together with some school heads, have signed a joint statement to Secondary School Places Allocation Committee concerning our requests, which was supported by 128 school heads?signing the statement within a few days. Moreover, we are also launching a signature campaign to strive for the betterment of the teaching establishment, and so far 5,131 members have signed our joint statement. In our opinion, the reduction of the allocation size of each class and the improvement on the teaching establishment are mutually beneficial to the sector, as the former can timely respond to the urgent need of stabilizing the secondary schools, while the latter can offer a remedy to enhance healthy development of the whole education field, so that a good team of teaching force can be established to strengthen our quality education.

Voice out for our better education

We are now still organizing a series of actions, as we believe that our education will be hopeful only when we voice out our pleas to stop the deterioration of the field and strive for the betterment of the conditions facing our education. We know that for some teachers, the struggles would not be immediately effective. However, without our first step, there will be no hope for the success.

Therefore, colleagues, please join us and sign the joint statement for our profession, our students, and the healthy development of our whole education field.

Updated number of teachers signed: 5,131

Please forward this message and sign immediately, for the betterment of the teaching establishment, more caring for our students and the enhancement of our quality education.