The PTU Statement of Strong Condemnation on Violence Imposed by the Government on Citizens and Calling for Teachers to Strike

28 September 2014

The HKSAR Government turned a deaf ear and blind eyes to Hong Kong People’s genuine appeal, aggravating the resentment and widening the split between the people and the government. By this evening, Hong Kong police used ruthless force to expel armless citizens, inflicting injuries on demonstrators with the use of weapons, acting as enemies of the people. PTU express severe indignation, seriously condemn the brutal actions by the HKSAR Government and the Police, and resolve to call for a general strike by all teachers in Hong Kong.

PTU appeal to all walks of life in the community and parents to be understandable of this inevitable decision and to support teachers’ choice. Detailed measures regarding the strike will be announced as soon as possible, but school authorities are advised to take appropriate actions to ensure the safety of students who have returned to schools.