HKPTU Legal and Emergency Assistance Fund

HKPTU Legal and Emergency Assistance Fund needs your support

In the recent months, the Education Bureau has punished many teachers and threatened to suspend their employment simply because they criticized the brutality of the government and police. These teachers were being criticized of their exercising the freedom of speech on social media platforms with their personal and private accounts. While the teachers’ comments are based on videos and other recorded evidence, the Bureau alleged that the groundless comments provoke hatred and anger against the government and the police. We all know that the origin of such hatred and anger is not from teachers’ comments online, but the disappointing actions that the government and the police took in the past seven months. By threatening to deprive their means of living, the Bureau tries to silent education professions who dare to speak out. However, we will not surrender on freedom of expression.

A battle for defending our right to speak out is coming. Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (HKPTU) has prepared and is ready for it.

HKPTU Legal and Emergency Assistance Fund is established by HKPTU, to provide emergency financial assistance to HKPTU members who have been arrested, complained or prosecuted due to their participation in public activities, have expressed their views and engaged in labour, education or teaching dispute. Besides, their suspension from work, dismissal or cancellation of teacher registration amounts to grave injustice. The Fund will also support lawsuits involving grave employment injustice. The Fund will be managed by a management committee while HKPTU Executive Committee, whose members are elected every two years, will scrutinize every application.

HKPTU has experience in handling such fund-raising activities and has also contributed to the Fund. We need your support to defend on profession.

Ways to donate—

Bank account name: Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union
Bank account number: 788-006021-001 (Hang Seng Bank)

  • E-cheque
  • Faster Payment System (FPS ID: 9042557)
  • Bank Deposit / E-banking

Please copy and paste the full name of “Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union” to the account name, even though the system may tell you that the name excesses the maximum length limit.

Please send a crossed cheque payable to “Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union” to HKPTU Headquarters.

Donation Box
Donation boxes are placed in HKPTU Mong Kok Service Centre; and HKPTU Causeway Bay Service Centre; and HKPTU Headquarters.

HKPTU Headquarters (7/F., Chung Kiu Commercial Bldg., 51 Shantung Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon)
HKPTU Mong Kok Service Centre (8/F Good Hope Bldg., 618 Nathan Road., Mong Kok, Kowloon)
HKPTU Causeway Bay Service Centre (M/F Wing Tak Mansion, 15 Canal Road West, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)

HKPTU (Rights & Complaints Department)
Phone: 2780 7337
WhatsApp: 9763 0537
Email: [email protected]