Support for the NET Scheme

The Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union has always supported the NET scheme because we believe that the scheme has provided support for the teaching of English in local schools and NETs have cooperated well with LETs (Local English Teachers) to help enhance the English standards of our students. Evaluation schemes and frontline teachers’ comments have always been favourable to the Scheme. The PTU therefore takes a firm line against any manoeuvres which impair the successful implementation of the Scheme and undermine the morale of NETs. Therefore we will strongly support NETs in their efforts to fight for justice.

Equal Pay for Equal Services

As a teachers’ union, the PTU has always stood side by side with all the teachers in Hong Kong, NETs included, to ensure they are fairly treated by EMB officials. We believe in “Equal pay for equal services” and endeavour to ensure parity in the education sector. In countries where most NETs come from parity is of the utmost importance in the education, and other public service related sectors. The EMB must be acutely aware of this sensitivity and pay it due respect.

Compassion and Empathy

The PTU believes that what is needed is compassion for our fellow teachers, especially NETs. They have come this far to contribute to our education and work with us in the hope of raising our students’ English standards. When NETs are unhappy, our students will suffer . EMB officials should provide them with comfortable working conditions.

Way Forward

We all support the NET scheme. We all believe in parity. We all want happy NETs in our classrooms. We all want cooperation between NETs and LETs. We all want to work in collaboration with EMB colleagues. Do not stir up any divisions . Do not treat NETs unfairly. Policies are dead but people are alive. In the years to come, we hope EMB officials can be more cautious when they want to implement any new policies. Consultation with the parties concerned is most important. Agreements should be reached with all parties concerned. We at PTU hope that the NET scheme will continue to flourish and our students can benefit from it in the most effective ways.