PTUNEWS (Issue 718) 2021-06

Rise of Dropout Rates Results in Significant Class Reduction
95% of Schools Urge the Government to Apply Stabilization Measures

The class reduction brought about by the rapid increase of dropouts has caused anxiety in the educational sector. The HKPTU’s survey found that in addition to class reduction in Primary 1, at least 7 primary schools had to reduce classes in Primary 2 or above in the coming school year, which would cause distortion of class structure in schools and was rare in the past. If class reduction occurs in senior secondary level that lead to a cut down of teachers, the number of elective subjects offered by schools may also be affected. Furthermore, as dropouts occur in schools of different bandings, vicious competition of student admission will disrupt the teaching ecology and even cause mismatch between schools and students. In face of such a new trend of dropouts, the HKPTU urged the EDB to discuss measures with school managements to stabilize the current situation.

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