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Trade Union

The PTU is a trade union, a professional body, and a social concern group. Over 100,000 teachers and education practitioners in Hong Kong , from kindergartens to universities, have joined the union, which aims at uniting co-workers, protecting their rights and providing them with various welfare services.

Educational Body

As a professional body on education, the PTU strives to improve education quality through promoting of teachers’ professionalism, and through advocating of education policies, which ensure an environment for every student to learn and grow with sufficient assistance and care.

Social Organization

As a social concern group, the PTU actively participates in various social actions for the justice, well-being and democratic rights of the people in Hong Kong and China.

Structure of PTU

The highest authority of the PTU is the Annual General Meeting, which is attended by members’ representatives, who are elected by teachers in every school, at a ratio of 1 representative to 15 members.

When the Annual General Meeting is not in session, a 39-member Executive Committee runs the day-to-day affairs of the union. A 19-member Senate monitors the Executive Committee’s work. Both the Executive Committee and the Senate are directly elected by all members of the union in the form of one-person-one-vote. All votes are confidential.

At present, the President of the union is Mr. Fung Wai Wah, and the Chairman of the Senate is Mr. Pun Tin Chi.