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“Hello everyone! I am going to share what debate is, why I like debate and how it has helped me.

Debating is basically arguing about the rights and wrongs of policies and ideas. There will be one affirmative team and one negative team debating about a single topic.

Here’s why I like debate. I think debate competition is a combination of sharing your ideas and also having fun! Though there are losses during a contest, you get to learn from better opposing teams. I have learnt a lot from debate and like it very much.

I feel debate is a combination of creativity and public speaking, which means you can practice and learn a lot in those two fields.

In debate, your team has to write a set of speeches with many supporting points. That means we need to be diligent in finding good facts and figures. We also need to think creatively to make good arguments.

As for speaking, when we debate, we have to speak clearly and fluently in order to win the competition, so we need to practise a lot and develop our skills.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will join or continue with debate in the future.”


「大家好! 我想同大家分享我的第一次辯論比賽。我的感受和當中遇到困難的事情。

首先,辯論比賽是一場用言語去説服別人的比賽。當中,我們的情感要配合得適當,除此我們要咬字清晰。 我覺得在比賽當中最難的事就是克服自己的緊張, 因為台下是有很多人觀看的。 解決方法就是將你自己要講的句子背得滾瓜爛熟。 在比賽前幾個月,我們的老師早已為我們 做好賽前準備,不斷練習,求取最高的榮譽。 不負老師所願, 我們最終回得了勝利拿取冠軍。 只要我們努力 ,就一定能成功。 在此我誠意邀請你們參加教協會英文辯論比賽,為學校爭光。」