PTU Executive Committee and Senate Election (2016-2018) Election Special

PTU Election page

>> Election Special – Executive Committee Election The proposed Fung Wai Wah Cabinet

>> Election Special – Candidates standing for the Senate Election

>> Notices :

  • Voting Procedure
  • Who have the Right to Vote
  • Things to do to cast your vote
  •  The Executive Committee Election Vote of Confidence
  • The Senate Election 19 Senate Members are to be Elected
  • Handling Procedure to safeguard voters’anonymity as well as validity

Executive Committee Election,  22nd Term of Office (2016-2018)

The Proposed Fung Wai Wah Cabinet
(Vice president: Chong Yiu Kwong, Fung Pik Yee, Ip Kin Yuen, Cheung Yui Fai)

>> Platform of the Proposed Executive Committee and brief resumes of its office-bearers

Senate Election, 13th Term of Office (2016-2018)

>> Brief Resumes and Election Platform of Candidates standing for the Senate Election

Enquiries: please call the PTU representative(s) of your unit, or phone at 27807337.