Election for the 24th Session (2020-22) of Advisory Management Committee of Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre (HKTC)

> Election for the AMC of HKTC: Extension of polling period
till 13 March 2020

The recommended candidates have the PTU’s full and sincere support in the election. The PTU hopes all teachers of secondary and primary schools, kindergartens, and special schools will vote for candidates who have visions and aspirations for the development of Hong Kong’s education in their domains.
Please make sure to cast your votes at your schools between 20th January (Monday) and 14th February (Friday) 2020.

The election for the 24th session (2020-22) of the Advisory Management Committee (AMC) of Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre (HKTC) will take place from 20th January (Monday) to 14th February (Friday) 2020. Teachers and principals of all secondary and primary schools, kindergartens, and special schools in Hong Kong should vote for representatives for their respective categories in accordance with the Education Bureau’s regulations at their schools.

The HKTC was established in 1989 on the recommendation of the Education Commission Advisory Management Committee of Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre (HKTC)Report No. 1 published in 1984. It is a diversified and multi-functional organisation. It aims to promote continuous professional development and enrichment among teachers as well as to foster in them a greater sense of unity and professionalism through a wide variety of activities. The AMC is the advisory and management body of the HKTC and may give recommendations to the Education Bureau in accordance with the aforementioned aims of the HKTC.

Amongst the many government consultative bodies, few are formed through democratic elections and the HKTC is one of them. Therefore, the PTU calls for all teachers to fully exercise their rights and cast their votes to elect the most representative committee possible. Teachers should also continuously observe the committee’s work after the election to protect the professional rights of teachers.

The PTU has always encouraged its members to run for the election as long as they:

1) agree with the PTU’s objectives;
2) agree with the PTU’s position in education affairs; and
3) have experience in the PTU’s work.

In the forthcoming election, the PTU has decided to endorse 9 candidates in the category Aided Primary Schools, 11 in Aided Secondary Schools, 2 in Government Primary Schools, 2 in Government Secondary Schools, 5 in Kindergartens, 1 in Private Schools, 2 in Special Schools, and 2 in Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools amongst those who have sought support from the PTU.

Details(Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre)

List of other candidates

Aided Primary Schools:
AU Wing Kai
CHAN Kwan Chun
CHENG Kun Hung
CHOU Chung Kei, Garry
FONG Kin Yan
KWAN Yee Man
LEE Yim Hung
LEUNG Yu Fai SZE Chi King
TUNG Nga Sze
YU Yee Wah, Eva

Aided Secondary Schools:
CHAN Yiu Fai
CHUI Chun Pong

Government Primary Schools:
LIM Cheung Mau

Government Secondary Schools:
TSANG Hin Kwong

CHAN Pui Yee
CHENG Wai Kwan
NG Sui Ying

Private Schools:
CHAN Ka Yan, Jessie
YU Siu Kin, Tony

Special Schools:
LAM Suet Po, Ada

Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools:
KAM Cheuk Lun