Teacher-training Programme Students (TTS) Card

Application for TTS Card 2020-2021 has already stopped.


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To enhance the communication between Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (PTU) and pre-service teachers, starting from 2013, PTU has launched a new Student Card – PTU TTS Card, for full-time teacher-training programme students (TTS).

List of Welfare Services for TTS Card-holders
TTS Card-holders can have access to PTU’s various activities and welfare and other services, including:

    • Professional development activities
      Short courses such as Professional Training Programme for New Teachers would be organized annually to help young teachers prepare for their new teaching life.
    • Talks, seminars and other information dissemination concerning teachers’ rights
      Talks and seminars of different topics related to latest education policy and development trends are held regularly for discussion and the promotion of  teachers’rights.
    • Shopping at PTU
      All books, stationary, food, housewares, and daily commodities are available at our PTU Promising Bookstore (Mongkok) and supermarkets.
    • Ordering counters
      Electrical appliances, food vouchers, theme park tickets, etc., can be ordered and purchased at our counters.
    • Household appliance area
      Various household electrical and electronic appliances, as well as computer software, are available.
    • Medical laboratory and medical centre
      Services include general and specialist consultation, Chinese medicine clinic, physiotherapy, counseling, various types of medical examinations and check-ups.
    • Optometric centre
      Eye care services such as eye examination and eyewears retail are available.
    • Dental centre
      TTS Card-holders can make appointment at our Causeway Bay Dental Centre on Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm.
    • Podiatric care centre (Mongkok)
      Apart from foot ailments diagnosis, treatment and referral services, foot care products such as insoles and shoes can be found in the centre.
    • Other services
      Services such as photocopying, lamination, badge production and registration of courses and seminars.


(Activities, services and products not listed above may be exclusive to full members of the union, and not available to TTS Card-holders.)

Eligibility Full-time students studying designated teacher-training programmes (see certified programme list below) in local tertiary institutions.

Fee Free of charge.