Prize Presentation Ceremony of the 4th Year “Good Students, Good Teachers” Commendation Scheme of Szeto Wah Education Fund

PTU News Reporter

The Prize Presentation Ceremony of the 4th year “Good Students, Good Teachers” Commendation Scheme of Szeto Wah Education Fund was held on 5th December 2015 in GCEPSA Whampoa Primary School. This year seven Good Students and five Good Teachers were finally selected.

In the ceremony, the awardees were invited to share their own encouraging stories. All their stories, though short, were filled with love and perseverance and showed us brightness of their life. These five Good Teachers told us how to realize the late Mr. Szeto Wah’s vision in education, care students with love and share their life experiences with their students, while these seven Good Students have been striving for their own visions despite of all of many stumbling blocks that stand on the way.

Szeto Wah Education Fund is established in the hope that the spirit of this Peoples’ Educator could endure, namely “no child left behind, supporting the underprivileged and sharing life experiences with students”. Since the commendation scheme was set up, many Good Teachers that had been teacher-student relationship have both been awarded, such as two awardees of 1st year Good Teachers, Yuen Yuk-lam and Wong Shek-lin who had been teacher-student relationship before and one of the Good Teachers of this year, Tsui Ho-yin had been a student of Ko Cheong-chun, a 3rd year Good Teacher. We hope that the spirits of “Good life” can be shared with the next generation so that there will be more Good Teachers in the field of education. The prize presentation ceremony of this year concluded successfully and the invitation for the nomination of 5th year “Good Students Good Teachers” Commendation Scheme has started. Please join us and nominate good teachers and students that you know so that more teachers and students can be encouraged and the spirits of “Good Students Good Teachers” can be passed to the next generation.

Szeto Wah Education Fund was set up thanks to the donations of the community. We hope that the “Good Student Good Teacher” commendation scheme will continue to be supported by the community so that its spirits can be passed to the next generation and more good teachers and students can be awarded. The Szeto Wah Education Fund welcomes community support to the scheme. Donations to Szeto Wah Education Fund may be made through the following channels:

  • Donations can be deposited in the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. (HSBC) bank account: 015-833213-001
  • You can send a crossed cheque made payable to “Szeto Wah Education Fund” by mail to the following address: Szeto Wah Education Fund, 8/F, Good Hope Building, 618 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon
  • Tax exemption may be granted to donations made to the Szeto Wah Education Fund at HK$100 or above.