Pro-establishment Camp Secured all 3 Seats in the Council of CUHK

PTU News Reporter

The new term of the Legislative Council (LegCo) commenced on 1 October. At present, five seats in the Court of HKU and three seats in the Council of CUHK are reserved for the Members of the LegCo whom are elected from among their own members. In the House Committee meeting on 28 October, the Pro-establishment lawmakers nominated three candidates for the election of members to serve in the Council of CUHK. All three of them were elected while all of those from the Pan-democrats lost in the vote.

IP Kin-yuen: The Pro-establishment Camp Wants to Monopolize All the Seats

In accordance with the practice in the past, the Pro-establishment side would nominate two members to compete for the positions in the Council of CUHK, and the Pan-democrats could then secure the remaining seat. During the last term of the LegCo, Dr. Helena WONG was successfully elected to be a member of the Council of CUHK. But this time, the Pro-establishment camp nominated three lawmakers to the election, who are Tommy CHEUNG Yu-yan from the Liberal Party, HO Kai-ming from the HKFTU and LAU Kwok-fan from the DAB. All three of them are lawmakers of the functional constituency, and were all successfully elected to the Council of CUHK in the end. The representative of our union in the LegCo IP Kin-yuen stated that the Pan-democrats planned to have Dr. Edward YIU Chung-yim, who taught in CUHK before, to serve in the Council of the university, but in the end the Pro-establishment camp took all three of the seats. He questioned that the Pro-establishment would want to monopolize all the available seats.

“Legislator of Zero Votes” to be Councillors of University

Of the three elected members of the Council of CUHK, HO Kai-ming of the Labour functional constituency and LAU Kwok-fan of the District Council (First) functional constituency are both uncontested egislators of zero votes? The original purpose of having lawmakers in the Council of universities is to strengthen the accountability of management and public resources of the university. But as the Pro-establishment legislators nominated egislators of zero votes?to be members of the Council and did not allow legislators from other camps to participate, where can public accountability be revealed?

In response to the questions from the reporter, Dr. Helena WONG indicated that the Council of CUHK will be working on items such as electing a new Vice-Chancellor and reviewing the composition of the Council. She queried that there is a political agenda for the Pro-establishment camp to get all three of the positions in the Council at this moment. Our union also suspects that the Pro-establishment wants to control the university and alters the major decisions made by the Council of CUHK at key moments by refusing Pan-democratic legislators from being the Councillors of the university.

CHONG Yiu-kwong: Should Have Representatives of Different Camps

CHONG Yiu-kwong, Vice-President of HKPTU and an alumnus of CUHK, said that this incident has given out a very bad message. He worried that the Pro-establishment side is strengthening its control over different aspects in the society. This kind of control could be extended to a very large extent that would further worsen the governance of the university. Instead of a monopoly solely by the Pro-establishment, CHONG emphasized that there should be representatives of different political camps to be elected as members of the Council.

IP Kin-yuen Continues in Office in the HKU Court

On the other hand, the House Committee of the LegCo also elected five members of the Court of HKU. IP Kin-yuen was re-elected successfully. Another elected Pan-democratic member of the HKU Court is Claudia MO Man-Ching.