Junius HO Demanded HKU to Sack Benny TAI
MATHIESON: cannot interfere activities outside the university

Legislator Junius HO Kwan Yiu wrote to the Chairman of the HKU Council, to demand the University to sack Benny TAI Yiu Ting, who is an Associate Professor of the Faculty of Law and co-founder of the Occupy Central movement. Peter MATHIESON, the Vice-Chancellor of the HKU, told the press that the University could not interfere teachers?activities outside the school.

In Junius’s letter, he claimed that Benny was no longer qualify to teach Law in the university, as Benny encouraged citizens to fight for justice by violating laws. He told the media that he was considering for an indignation rally to express their anger, and he might apply for judicial review if the University Council does not respond to his demand.

FUNG Wai Wah, President of the HKPTU, said HO’s actions were interfering the personnel procedures of the University. These actions could endanger academic freedom of scholars and institutional autonomy. He believes the University can handle these personnel matters independently, and need no interference from others.