“Good Students & Teachers” Annual Award, the Szeto Wah Education Fund Continues to Encourage and Acknowledge The Power of Education

Award Ceremony of the “Good Students & Teachers” Annual Award (6th term)

PTU News Reporter

The award ceremony of the “Good Students & Teachers” Annual Award (6th term) hosted by the Szeto Wah Education Fund was successfully held on 18th November.  6 students and 7 teachers were awarded this year. The ceremony was attended by over 200 people from the education sector, the award winners, families and friends and other close associates. The ceremony was graced by Dr. Fung Wai-wah, giving the welcoming address, and was officiated by Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, the Secretary for Education.

In his welcoming address, the President of HKPTU and a member of the Szeto Wah Fund management committee, Dr. Fung explained in details the principles of the Szeto Wah Education Fund:

Most currently existing award schemes assess the candidates by academic performance and conduct, while little appreciation was given to students who worked with diligence and determination, who have achieved their academic goals by resolving great difficulties encountered on the way. Even the results were not desirable, awardees had nevertheless put in tremendous efforts, possibly even greater effort than their peers. The perseverance and determination of these students should be acknowledged and appreciated. Apart from attributing the achievements of these students to their diligence, teachers had also played an important role. Several teachers were also awarded this year, honouring them for their efforts in influencing lives and offering assistance to underprivileged students in overcoming difficulties.”

The Secretary for Education was invited to be the officiating guest for the first time this year. In delivering his speech, Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung shared with all participants his insights of education:

“It is essential to be caring to work in the field of education. While parents may be earning more and achieving much better results than teachers, it is nevertheless important that we pay respect to the profession of teachers. Love and care for students are  the fundaments of education, without these qualities, all skills of education will merely be techniques, and there will be no education. ”

Awarding teachers overcoming difficulties

The awarded teachers of this year came from both secondary and primary schools, and the awarded teachers included both senior and young teachers. The teachers generously shared with guests of the ceremony their thoughts and insights. Leung Mei-yin, a senior teacher at school, commented on the difficulties of education, and in the case of under-enrolment, there are often frustrations. She encouraged fellow teachers to endeavour for the education of students, remembering their principles and visions for their work.

Acknowledging the perseverance of students

Awarded students also came from different background and levels of education, including secondary and tertiary education. In facing hardships such as illness and familial predicaments, they persisted in their studies, overcoming hardships on the way. Chan Kei-yau, a Form Three student shared his experiences of receiving swimming training and competing in Deaflympics as a student with hearing impairment through sign language, calling for the public’s understanding of difficulties faced by students with impaired hearing.

Also awarded by the scheme is So Kin-yu, a student at the University of Hong Kong, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, resulting in impairment of mobility. With the help of her mother, So shares her writing online, encouraging frustrated people with her own experiences.

Towards the end of the award ceremony, the commencement of the nomination period of awardees of the coming year was announced. We invite nominations from teachers for outstanding teachers and students. Application forms can be downloaded at the website of the Szeto Wah Education Fund. HKPTU will soon be publishing the stories of the 13 awarded teachers and students, and through their stories we wish to encourage teachers in their work. Clips of the ceremony and stories of the awarded individuals will also be uploaded onto the Facebook page of HKPTU shortly.