Arrangements for 2018 TSA/BCA Still Unclear
HKPTU Urges To Eliminate All Drilling Incentives

PTU News Reporter

Arrangements concerning TSA/BCA (Primary 3) will be announced upon the completion and submission of evaluation report by the TSA/BCA Evaluation task force, as revealed to the press by the Education Bureau. According to a survey conducted by the HKPTU last November, more than 80% of teachers disagree to resume TSA in its current format, and only 10% of teachers find the recommendations of efining assessment content, adjusting difficulty and school reports?made by the evaluation task force effective in eliminating intensive training at schools. The HKPTU had met with the Secretary for Education, and had co-organized petitions with parents to better reflect the opinions of frontline education professionals.

A joint petition by the HKPTU and the Parents United of Hong Kong took place at the Central Government Offices on 11th February, demanding the Education Bureau to curb all incentives contributing to TSA drilling at schools. Legislative Councillors, including Ip Kin-yuen, Shiu Ka-chun, Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung, Hui Chi-fung and Leung Yiu-chung and representatives from organizations supporting our cause attended the petition; Fung Wai-Wah, President of the HKPTU, along with representatives of parents, presented a petition letter to government officials.

The HKPTU also met with Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, Secretary for Education on 13th February. Teachers brought up experiences of TSA drilling at schools during the meeting, members of the HKPTU also spoke of the survey results, demanding the Education Bureau to take opinions of teachers into account, aside from recommendations made by the evaluation task force. Members of the HKPTU stressed the importance of completely eliminating all incentives contributing to TSA drilling, urging the bureau to adjust TSA based on three-NOs, “no student names, no school names, no school reports”, to curb unnecessary drills and restore proper curriculum at primary schools.