HKUST Student Fell to Death
PTU Urges the Government to Investigate the Cause of Death

HKUST student Chow Tsz-lok died on November 8th after falling from a car park in Tseung Kwan O in the early hours of November 4th. He was found with serious head injuries and had lived on life support for five days before he was confirmed dead on the 8th. The PTU is deeply saddened by Chow’s passing and sends condolences to his friends and family. The PTU urges the government to launch a full inquiry into the matter.

Police Fired Tear Gases Indoors and Suspected to Have Delayed Medical Assistance

According to media reports, the police were dispersing protesters outside a car park in the early hours on November 4th. As they were charging, crowds gathered inside the car park and threw objects from within. The police then fired tear gases. Afterwards, Chow was found lying and injured inside the car park. He was suspected to have fallen. The public questioned whether the police blocked ambulances and caused a delay of medical assistance.

The police must take into consideration the surroundings and prioritise public safety whenever they exercise force. According to video footage, although objects were being thrown at a height, the police should not have fired tear gases considering the car park was an indoor area. Such acts posed a serious risk to crowds inside the car park. The PTU urges the government to launch an inquiry into the matter, including the cause of Chow’s fall and whether the police delayed medical assistance by blocking the ambulances. At the same time, the PTU calls for an investigation into Chow’s cause of death as well as the event to reveal the truth.

PTU Calls for Investigation into Cause of Death and Urges the Government to Tackle Police Brutality 

The police have been entering areas such as shopping malls and private housing estates to disperse crowds lately. They are also seen shoving, pointing guns at, and using pepper spray on citizens and the press. The PTU points out that these clashes could have been avoided, but the government repeatedly allows police brutality, causing tragedies. To avoid tragedies of such, the government must immediately tackle police brutality and abuse of power by establishing an independent inquiry to alleviate clashes between the police and the public and restore social order.