HKU Convocation Passed Motion to Urge Carrie Lam to Resign as Chancellor

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) Convocation held an Extraordinary General Meeting on October 19th and passed two motions made by the HKU Alumni Concern Group. The first motion demanded Chief Executive Carrie Lam to resign as Chancellor of HKU while the second one urged HKU to provide legal assistance to arrested HKU students. HKU Alumni Concern Group convenor Ip Kin-Yuen expressed gratitude to all alumni who voted, especially those who voted for the motions.

The two motions were made by Deputy Convenor Mak Tung-Wing and member Gloria Chang respectively. Mak’s motion was “that the members of Convocation hold Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-Ngor responsible for having caused unforgivable havoc to Hong Kong by seeking to introduce the controversial extradition law and earnestly urge her to resign as the Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong.” Chang’s motion was “That the members of Convocation strongly urge the university administration to adopt such measures for and render assistance to HKU students who have been physically and/or psychologically injured during the anti-extradition movement that can best ensure about their legal rights being adequately protected at trials and their injuries sustained from police brutality sufficiently redressed.” A total of 3,236 alumni cast their votes on the day. Both motions were passed with a rate of 92%. Mak said, ‘Chief Executive Carrie Lam has done irreversible damage to Hong Kong in the past four months. As the Chancellor of HKU, she enjoys much power. She can appoint members of the council. But her ability is questionable.’

Kevin Yeung: Carrie Lam Should Remain Chancellor

Following the vote, Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung responded to questions at the LegCo Panel of Education by saying whether the Chief Executive should be assumed as chancellor of UGC-funded universities was already discussed 10 years ago. He said the result was retaining the existing system and there is no need to revise the system now. In response to questions raised by media, HKU spokesperson said the motions would be studied in detail.